How to Cut Out Background and Hair Masking In Photoshop Tutorial

Cut Out Background-Hair Masking

In this photoshop photo editing tutorial, you also learn how to remove hair background smoothly and refine the edges to make the hair fit with any other background. You will learn the basic Idea of cut out hair from a complex background. and learn advanced hair selection to cleanly cut out complex hair selections form backgrounds using the quick selection tool, Refine Edge, Layer Mask 

Hey Guys,

In This Tutorial you can learn How to Cut out Background perfectly and hair masking in photoshop cc.
So guys enjoy this tutorial.

1st open your images.

select selection tool and select a photo.

ok selection complete.

Now go to Click refine edge option.

Increase Radius & contrast

press ok.

Now create a new Solid color, Because, see if the hair masking is perfectly correct.

Now Click mask option, then select brash tool, select soft brash and change blending mode overly, opacity 100%, flow 25%

then remove shadow so background color white, foreground color black and paint shadow area.

that's ok. 

Now i'm think add new Background, so Go to file Select place.

Change the Background color, so Go to filter select camera raw then change color.

I'm creating a new soft light effects.

So create new blank layer, select soft brush,  opacity and flow 100%, then click.

change blending mode screen, short key Control + T, free transform, drag focus area....

Now all Layer merged and save.

That's all.

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I hope you like it and enjoy this video.
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