How to Change Background | Outdoor Portrait Nature Effect in Photoshop Tutorial

Change Background

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to Change Background/remove background and Outdoor Portrait Editing,  Retouch, natural soft light effects, Manipulation, add background in photoshop cc/cs6.
Follow these easy steps to change background outdoor portrait nature effect photo in photoshop.   

I hope you like it and enjoy this video.
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1st Open your images.

Select Selection Tool, then Select a photo.

The places that are difficult to select are to be selected with a 

lasso tool. select lasso tool

 Selection Complete, Now Select Refine Edge.

Click Smart Radius

Radius +15, Contrast +5, paint Hair area, 

Click New Layer with a Layer mask
and press ok.

Add a New Background, so Go to file then click place Embed.

Free transform, short key Control + T, and drag.

Down Background layer and photo layer top.

Now press P, with Pen tool, remove the background of the extra image.

Select Make Selection, I think feather 5 perfect in this images, ok. 

Click Mask option and select the brush tool, foreground color Black, 

background color White, and paint selection removed

Select Background Layer and Go to filter, select Camera Raw, then 

Color adjustment this background.

I think the background should be blurred, so go to filter, select 

blur gallery, click Filed Blur

and press ok

I would like to add another tree here, so add tree background.
Select Eraser Tool, Delete extra background, I just need plants.

The face of the photo is black on one side, ?So create a new layer 

with carves, Select hand tool and click black area and up.

Click Clipping mask option.

invert mask layer, then select the brush tool, foreground color white, 

background color black then paint.

Select all layer and merged layer.

Now Go to filter Select Color color efex pro, Select any background color 

you want. If you want to download color efex pro plugin, so visit my 

the website, and free download.

Select Color efex pro layer, create a mask, select the brush tool, There 

is no need will be painted.

Now again go to camera raw, and finally adjust the color.

That's all

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