How to Blur Background in Photoshop Tutorial | Easy Way Realistic Blur Effects (DSLR Style)

Blur Background. DSLR Style

In this Photoshop tutorial you can learn how to blur background to Realistic Blur in Photoshop create the shallow depth of field effect using the Lens Blur Filter.(DSLR style) Follow these easy steps to make blur background.

First open the photo you would like to work on.
Take Quick Selection Tool. click & drag the area you want to select. 
Now choose select and mask tool then you may use refine edge tool then hair mask.

Now we will want to have a look at our mask radius, so tick this "Show Radius" checkbox.

Now we need to remove main subject from the background.
To do that duplicate background layer CTRL + J Simply select the subject.

Now go to edit menu and fill the selection with content aware tool. 
Deselect the selection CTRL + D.

Now we need to add lens blur to the layer. go to filter menu, select lens blur. 

Image looks good enough. But i will add color lookup adjustments to make image more beautiful.
Now create adjustment layer and select Solid color and change blending Normal to Soft light.

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