How to remove Skin Smooth ,spot out and retouching in Photoshop

Skin Retouching, Remove Acne

In this video I'll show you How to remove Skin Smooth, spot out and retouching in Photoshop. Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to retouch a face resulting in beautifully smooth, flawless, skin. Remove blemishes, scars, acne and wrinkles.
The key to removing acne is to divide the process into two steps; The first step is to get rid of redness and the second step is to remove the blemishes. How to Remove Redness Half of the battle is removing the redness around acne and it can be difficult if you don't use the right tools. In this episode we show you how to use Hue/Saturation to target specific areas of red and alter them so they look like normal skin tone. Removing Acne Blemishes After removing the color it is time to remove the blemishes. Adobe has done a great job with the spot healing brush in recent versions of Photoshop (CS6, CC, CC2014). It makes removing zits and blemishes very easy as long as you check a few settings. Be sure to select "content aware" and "sample all layers" so you can use this tool on a new layer and not destroy your original layer. Simply paint over the blemishes to remove them. We suggest removing small spots first and then moving to the larger areas. To finish off the job, zoom out and paint larger areas. This will help to even out uneven skin tones
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