How to Background Remove and Hair Masking in Photoshop CC

Hair Masking and Background Remove

In this video I'll show you How to Remove Background and Hair Mask in Photoshop CC in just 5 minutes.Removing background is a common photoshop work in these days.. This cc tutorial will let you know how to do it perfectly..
There are a lot of techniques you can use to do that, but quick selection tool and masking is a great way out there.. However you can also use pen tool for selection.. Easiest Way to Select or Mask Hair in Photoshop and Change Background in 5 Minutes or Less Using Merely Blend Modes, especially Overlay. Utilizing the Powers of Masking, Curves and Blend Modes, we are not only going to swap backgrounds but also match the subject to the new environment.
I hope you like it and enjoy this video . 
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